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Brand: Louza

Quantity: 250g (8 pieces)

Package: Carton box

Allergen Information: Contains traces of tree nuts

Flavor: Almond, Chocolate

Ingredients: Almond, Egg whites, Refined sugar, Pistachios, Chocolate, Orange blossom water, Semolina, and Color.


Guraibah "Almond Cake"

SKU: LOU20601
  • - 🍰 HANDMADE ALMOND CAKE BITES: Satisfy your sweet tooth by indulging in our super yummy, melt-in-the-mouth Handmade Almond Cakes. These cake bites are a true taste sensation: so soft, buttery, and crumbly that they can make you go ‘yummm...’ A classic dessert, which lives up to the hype and is perfect for celebrations, birthday parties, events, romantic candlelight dinners, and to curb your sugar cravings on-the-go.

    - 🍰 RICH IN TASTE & FLAVOR: Made with all the finest sugar, egg whites, orange blossom water, almond flour, crunchy pistachios, and semolina, our cake lets you experience the true flavors of the Syrian pastry. With the richness of almond, chocolate, pista and a hint of citrusy orange, our cakes are so scrumptious that you would want to eat all day.

    - 🍰 BITE-SIZED SNACK FOOD: There’s something about bite-sized baked goods. They are convenient, adorable, and look absolutely great when you spread out on your dessert table. That’s why we have made our yummy confectionaries to be the miniature version of the bigger sweet almond cakes. They are portable and deliver healthy portion size so that you don’t end up eating excess.

    - 🍰 BOX OF 8 PIECES: No more fighting over the few pieces of cakes from the corner bakery because we have made everyone’s favorite into an all-new, grab-and-go package! Our almond tea cakes come in a box of 8 pieces (250g), each sandwiched between a creamy layer of chocolate & pistachios, topped with dried pistachios that are fresh and easy to store. So just order as many boxes as you want.

    - 🍰 MAKES A WONDERFUL GIFT: Whether it is a fun bake-fest home party, small get-together, birthday, or surprising your beloved with a sweet treat, our Almond Cake Bites make a beautiful gift. Wrapped in a vintage-styled, pastel-colored box, our cakes are sure to deliver joy and excitement.

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