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My name is Eman, I'm a pastry brand owner. Highly diagnosis pastry-making chef, and an artist in the kitchen. I love creativity in pastry and always try and do unique recipes.

About Us

We started in the year 2020, intending to spread sweetness around. We have been striving to serve the hospitality sector with premium quality, perfect taste, and absolute love ever since. Our core specialty is to prepare the Mediterranean and Western fresh sweets products and preserve the Middle East's traditional taste by promoting it around the globe. We aim to be the number one choice for sweet treats in the hospitality sector and the catering services.

Online Stores

Amazon USA Store Link
Etsy Store Link
Amazon Canada Store Link
ButterBottoms Pastry marketplace store link
Louza e-Store

Contact me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(438) 431-4465

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